CENTIEM Viewpoint focuses on key issues arising for organisations when they employ overseas workers. You can read more about a particular viewpoint or make a comment about it by going to the relevant viewpoint page.

  • Facilitating the movement of intra-company transferees

    CENTIEM is currently undertaking research in the topic of intra-company transferees. The research intends to explore the challenges that companies face when attempting to move their own workers between countries and to also offer solutions to these challenges, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

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  • Submissions made to DIAC regarding implementation of labour market testing

    Fragomen has made submissions to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) regarding the implementation of labour market testing in the 457 visa program. DIAC is in the process of establishing principles to govern the operation of LMT in the 457 visa program and has sought feedback from stakeholders on the options for implementation of LMT.

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  • Submissions made to Senate Committee regarding 457 visa amendments

    Fragomen made submissions to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee in relation to their Inquiry into the 457 visa amendments that received royal assent on 29 June 2013.

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  • Review of the Application of the Migration Act to Offshore Resource Workers

    On 15 October 2012, the Minister for Immigration & Citizenship announced the establishment of the Migration Maritime Taskforce to conduct a Review of the Application of the Migration Act to Offshore Resource Workers.

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  • Gearing up for the resources boom - CENTIEM looks at how to recruit and sponsor overseas workers

    As the Australian resources boom moves into top gear, many companies are facing the challenge of where and how to find enough workers. The shortage of trades and semi-skilled labour in particular means that many employers are looking overseas to fill the gap.

    CENTIEM has recently published articles in a number of industry magazines which look at the migration options available for Australian companies in the resouces sector wanting to sponsor overseas workers, and the issues that can arise. To read the articles click below:

    Mining, People and the Environment

    Australasian Drilling

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  • Ensuring Australia’s business visitor visa program meets the needs of business

    CENTIEM believes that Australian and overseas businesses need a simple short-term visa that allows key employees to work in Australia for short periods of time (usually less than three months). For that reason CENTIEM has established a specific project to review the current business visitor visa system and provide submissions to Government about how it could better serve the interests of business.

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  • Australian Citizenship - concessions for overseas work

    Changes to Australia's citizenship laws made on 1 July 2007 removed most of the concessions for permanent residents who need to spend significant periods overseas as part of their job. CENTIEM is concerned that employees may be unwilling to take assignments overseas or accept roles that involve significant overseas travel because this may affect their ability to become Australian citizens. This project will examine whether the Citizenship Act should be amended to allow for time spent overseas to be counted in circumstances where it is an essential part of the person's role.

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  • CENTIEM review into the use of the 476 visa for engineering graduates

    In 2007 the Australian Government introduced the 476 – Skilled Recognised Graduate visa in an attempt to attract recent engineering graduates from prestigious overseas universities. Despite the serious shortages of engineers in Australia, and the broad list of universities covered by the arrangement, only about 300 of these visas are granted each year. CENTIEM is conducting research into the use of the 476 visa for the purposes of making recommendations to government about how this visa could better serve the needs of Australian businesses.


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  • Migration issues in the higher education sector

    The higher education sector faces particular problems when using the migration program to meet its needs for overseas staff and visiting academics. CENTIEM is currently working on a project to identify and address migration issues specific to Universities and research institutions. 

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    Recommendations paper (PDF)

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